I am a firm believer in conversation pieces.  They are a necessary focal point in any room and, if you are able to maintain a sense of humor during the decorating process, they can be a source of constant enjoyment.  I was looking for the perfect accent pieces to finish up my office and I came across Franklin, the gold resin deer head.  Immediately, without giving it a second thought, I purchased him.  As I perused the rest of the White Faux Taxidermy shop on Etsy, I realized that I had to buy a couple more things on impulse {I bought Fitz & Bex below}.  Now… I can’t stop smiling. Check out some of the incredible {courageous & funny} pieces.

1. The Alejandra $129.99, 2. The Fitz $29.99, 3. The Eva $169.99
4. The Haxton $129.99, 5. The Rangley $119.99, 6. The Madison $79.99
7. The Midas $29.99, 8. The Quinton $29.99, 9. The Crowley $129.99
10. The Sophia $169.99, 11. The Bex $19.99, 12. The Burkley $129.99


    • Kiki E says

      Thanks, Jessie! It’s actually Kardashian Kollection {I was SUPER surprised at how much I love their line of clothing… affordable and stylish}