I am a firm believer in seeing the best in people. And furniture.  I took a look at my late grandmother’s rusted chairs and a reclaimed wrought iron coffee table and decided that they weren’t quite my style… yet.  Some high gloss cotton candy pink spray paint, chic fabric, and a little creativity helped get me a few pieces of furniture that I utterly adore.

1. The chair in its beginning state. Sad, I know. But so much potential! 2. The chair after being sanded, wiped down, and painted with a coat of primer. 3. The necessary tools. 4. Spray painting in action. 5. The beginning of quite a lovely little chair. 6. The fabric waiting to be adhered {with a staple gun} to the cushion. 7. Close up. 8. The adorable fabric. 9. Voila! The finished product.

1. A very cool, but not quite “me” coffee table. 2. Giving the table one of its three coats of high gloss spray paint. 3. Yummy. 4. Beveled glass panels cleaned and replaced and a fresh vase of flowers. 5/6. Detail shots of my new {old} coffee table. I’m in love.