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Most of you are aware… but for those of you who aren’t regulars on this site… I am a skincare addict.

I have tons of tips, tricks, + favorite products… but the FIRST STEP in my routine (and the step that I swear by for a steady glow) is this device.

I have had early access to the device for months now… finally it’s not just exclusive to influencers + insiders.

Drumroll please… it became available to the public TODAY!

I always want you to have current information on the technology available to you (especially natural technology that doesn’t involve injections or fillers).

This is as current as you can get.

I use this rad device.

What does it do?

beauty tool

It is a two minute facial massage tool that:
• promotes lymphatic drainage (hello, thinner face!)
• cleans your skin (it removes 100% of makeup)
• tightens + tones
• diminishes fine lines + wrinkles
• increases radiance
• increases youthful volume
• it’s also waterproof (shower safe)… + fool-proof.

This tool is so “Must Have” that mom, sister, + my closest girlfriends all wanted early access, too (and they got it. Spoiler: their skin looks incredible).  I’ve seen it work on all skin types.  All ages.  High maintainence women. Low maintenance women.

Don’t wear makeup? You need this. #somuchloveforyounaturalbabes

Wear makeup? You need this (who wants to put expensive paint on a crummy canvas?) #makeupislife


And it’s pretty… this thing should win some kind of design award!

This thing is so effective that my boyfriend has been saying, “Your skin looks good!” almost daily… and he’s asked to use it.  (Bonus for men: it helps fight ingrown hairs from shaving + keeps beards from collecting dry skin)

Buh-bye, Clarisonic.  Hello, beauty tool of 2018. #obsessed

Blonder Ambitions readers get 10% off! Buy it here + enter the code EXCLUSIVE10 at checkout.

I would love to know what skincare devices you LOVE.  Also, if you buy this device, I’d love to know if you’re as addicted as I am.