I hesitate to write about volunteering and charity for fear of coming across as “preachy” or a “self-indulgent do-gooder” or a myriad of other negative terms that one can apply to someone who participates in charitable ventures simply for the praise that may result from the participation.  After much thought, I decided to share my Christmas tradition with you… simply because I thought that the more people that took part in this tradition, the better Christmas could be for so many others.  On Christmas Day, I load my canvas totes with care packages to give to the homeless {some refer to these packages as “Blessing Bags”… a term that is a bit too ostentatious for my taste}.  Below, there is a graphic showing you what I suggest to be included in your care package {though you can include anything you like!}.  Everything should fit in a gallon sized ziplock bag {for ease of distribution and ease of carrying after it has been gifted}.  It is also wise to carry these in your car year-round to give to anyone who may be asking assistance on the side of the road or at a stoplight.  What do you do to give back to your community?

Suggestions for inclusion: tissue, deodorant, mouth wash, shampoo, toothbrush, cotton swabs, band-aids, toothpaste, soap, chapstick, raisins, cookies, crackers, & anything else you can think of! Make as many of the bags as you can afford to create and walk around handing them out or keep them in your car in preparation for running into someone in need.


  1. Kristian says

    Not all mouthwash is like that .they do make alochol free. I would be more concerned about it burning there mouth then them drinking it that little bottle isn’t enough to give them a buzz .. Doesn’t matter what they do with it you give it to them it’s theirs. You do it to be a blessing and show you care . When you do your part no matter how someone takes it or why they do it you still get your blessings bc it came from your heart. Luv this post it’s helping me have visual ideas to show people what they can get for our newly started mission and has a few items I didn’t think to add as well .

  2. marilyn says

    God Bless you for giving out your blessing bags. I am praying for you to continue to be a blessing to others.