I’ve got a thing for jewelry.  Large jewelry.  The kind of jewelry that makes a person stop and take in more than just a passing glance.  Enter Lucifer Vir Honestus.  Absolutely to-die-for pieces.  My favorite thing about this line of jewelry from Milan is that the earthiness of it is still intact… Much of the time, stones have been sliced, diced, and polished to an such an unnatural high-gloss shine {not always a bad thing} that we forget that the stone/gem/jewel came from the earth.  This line of  jewelry {designed by Luna Scamuzzi} gives a nod, through its highly organic and visually intoxicating construction, to its origin.

1. Organic Diamond Ring $1675
2. Quercus Ring $6400
3. Boulder Opal Earrings $4575
4. Primavera Ring $4320
5. Maple Wood Earrings $1295
6. Rose Cut Diamond Ring $14300
7. Rutilated Quartz Cuff $12100
8. Citrine Quartz Earrings $3990