I decided to continue on my DIY journey… and I took some 70’s club chairs (complete with chipped wood and torn fabric) from one of my friends who was going to just toss them {only aghast… because… as stated in an earlier post: “I see the best in people. And furniture.”}… I saw so much potential here.  Good bones… Just in need of a little TLC.  With the help of some fine grain sandpaper, clorox bleach wipes (always disinfect reclaimed furniture), hot pink high-gloss paint (Disney’s “Invitation to a Princess”… I died.), and some thick pink embroidery thread… my new “Cocktail Corner” (pics to come soon) was one step closer to completion.

1. The original chair. Cracked, torn… so much potential. 2. Putting in the work… First rub sandpaper over all wooden components and then paint (4 coats!) on all of it. 3. Bam! Hot pink! 4. Embroidery thread (it’s strong stuff) and very thick needles… They have to be able to pierce through the thick material… I had to use a hammer to get the nail through. 5. Cocktail Corner is coming along. 6./7. Detail shots. Love the brass studs and the perfectly imperfect stitching.


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