There is nothing like having a fresh bunch of flowers in your home. On your desk. On a table. Anywhere.  Everywhere.  However, you don’t want those flowers to appear as if they have been haphazardly thrown into a vase.  Each and every flower should look like it is exactly where it is intended to be.  Here’s how…

{You should have two pairs of cutting tools… One standard pair of scissors [make sure they are sharp!] and a smaller [very sharp!] pair of pruning shears.  Also, have a vase waiting filled 1/3 full of water}

{Purchase flowers in a single hue… White is always fresh and looks classic.  Arranging buds in a single color takes less precision than a multi-colored arrangement… less room for error!}

{Lay your flowers out on a clean and open surface and use your standard scissors to remove any wrapping and binding from the flowers}

{Use your pruning shears [careful! they’re verrrry sharp!] to remove all leaves and thorns from flowers.  This results in a crisp looking flower arrangement.  Also, you never want leaves below the water level because they soak up too much water and then it doesn’t get to the bud}

{Keep a bucket to catch all discarded greenery so you can dispose of it responsibly. Green waste! Compost!}

{Cut all stems at a 45° angle… they soak up the water better that way. Also, cut the stem at a length where the head of the flower rests on the top of the vase}

{Arrange the largest buds first.  They take up the most space and it’s easier to see where you can highlight your smaller [and usually more expensive!] buds}

{Next… take your smaller flowers and fill in the gaps until the flower heads are tightly bunched}

{Voila! A completed arrangement… Aren’t the ranunculus to die for?}