The Story: I am a false lash junkie.  I glue those suckers on each and everyday… and, honestly, it was becoming a bit tiresome.  Then I heard about lash extensions and found myself incredibly curious.  As if by fate {or some very lucky happenstance}, I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon Loar-Coté at one of the events that my company {Kiki E LLC} designed.  It turns out that Ms. Loar-Coté owns a lash boutique business.  I immediately booked my appointment at Blush & Lashes.

The PlaceBlush & Lashes specializes in lash extensions and make-up for print, photo shoots, film, and events.  The business is run by the aforementioned Shannon Loar-Coté {a gorgeous woman with a phenomenal personality}.  The second that you walk into The Montecito Aesthetic Institute {the place Blush & Lashes calls “home”}, the stage is set for your makeover.  Shannon’s lash boutique instantly makes you feel like an Old Hollywood bombshell… it could be the decor {mirrored furniture and glamourous lighting}, the sounds of scratchy jazz playing in the background {Billie Holiday, Ella Fitgerald, and some Cole Porter classics}, or Shannon’s very own retro beauty.  Maybe it was the fact that the phrase “Hello Gorgeous” was on the walls and in the advertisements.  Whatever it was, it worked.  I was instantly ready for my makeover.

The Process: Shannon told me to arrive without any eye makeup {a huge feat for this makeup addict}.  After adjusting to my wide-eyed look, I drove to the Montecito Aesthetic Institute on Coast Village Road in Montecito.  Shannon greeted me and put me at ease instantly.  I lay down on a comfortable bed and Shannon applied a collagen pad under my eyes {the added benefit is that you look well-rested after the lash application}.  She then gently taped down my lower lashes so that she could work on my upper lash line.  Shannon worked very precisely and quickly.  The sound of the retro jazz in the background was soothing & left me hoping that I would look like one of those foxy jazz songbirds from the 30’s upon completion.  In about an hour, it was time for the big reveal.  No mascara. No eye makeup.  I looked at myself in the mirror and fell IN LOVE with the extensions.  I was an instant lash extension addict.  I highly recommend this… check out the before and after.

The Details: for $200 you can get a full set of lash extensions like mine.  Fills are $125.  They last about 3 weeks before a touch up is needed.  They are waterproof and eliminate the need for eye makeup {though you can always add some makeup for extra va-va-voom}.  I think they are perfect for someone looking to have the “done up” look without the effort or for any woman who wants to feel beautiful {and, hey, who doesn’t?}.  Shannon also offers lashes in other lengths if you want a less dramatic look.  The Montecito Aesthetic Institute is located at 1150 Coast Village Road.  Visit the Blush & Lashes website here.  Give Shannon a call at 805.689.9613. Seriously, do it.  I wake up every morning ecstatic that I did.

{all photos taken by my utterly fabulous & incredibly talented little sister, Kaitland xoxo}