I was going through photos on my iPhone and realized that I am obsessed with food.  I have always known how much I love food… but when I realized that the multitude of photos on my phone consist almost entirely of what I have eaten, I found that my obsession was even farther reaching than I had imagined.  I thought I might as well make my obsession useful… so here is a sampling of some of the delicious photos that I’ve snapped here and there.

From left to right & top to bottom: Lamb chops. Shredded beef tacos with cotija cheese. French toast ice cream. The quintessential Happy Meal. Nutella french toast. Eggs benedict. Farmer’s Market Strawberry martinis. Sweet potato souffle. Egg scramble with all the fixings. Lemon buttercream cupcake. Artisan bread with chive and artichoke dip. A giant crabcake. Jumbo prawn cocktail. Lobster tail with filet mignon and bearnaise sauce. New York cheescake {flown in that morning from Carnegie Deli in New York}. Blue cheese covered potato chips. Kobe beef burger with sweet pickle chips.