I am a firm believer in never letting an opportunity pass me by… So when someone asked me if I wanted to fly to Las Vegas, be fitted for a showgirl costume, be flown back out to California, head to Palm Springs and do a photo shoot with my sister in the aforementioned showgirl attire…. I said, “Why not?”  After I first took a look at the costume {and the headdress!}, I was a bit trepidatious about what I had stumbled into.  However, after mastering my balance, finding the perfect pair of clear heels, and giggling with my sister all the way through the photo shoot… I realized I had made the right decision.  Being a showgirl {for a day} was scintillating {and, obviously, humorous}… and, somehow, instead of the large headdress feeling oppressive, ridiculous, or demeaning… it made me feel a bit powerful {perhaps because I was about 9 feet tall while wearing it}… and beautiful.  Every girl should get the chance to be a showgirl for a day.