A woman who possesses true style possesses individual style.  She knows what she likes.  This is demonstrated in the clothes she wears, the way she presents herself, and the artwork that she chooses.  The artwork that you choose to decorate your space is a reflection of who you are, what you like, and what makes you tick.  You should surround yourself with artwork that inspires you and just feels right.  It is only important that you like it; it is a reflection of your taste and no one else’s.  We are all past the age of posters {even framed posters aren’t good enough}… it’s time for some real art.  A common misconception about “real art” is that it must be expensive…  it doesn’t have to be.  Peruse local boutiques, flea markets, and sites like etsy {where I found all of this fabulous artwork} and you can find inexpensive artwork and feel as though you “discovered” your own favorite artist.  I was on etsy the other day {well, pretty much every day} and I found Pinkytoast.  Take a look at her shop… she’s something else.  I ended up buying all of the artwork below.  I can’t wait to frame and hang all of these pieces in my living room… her artwork is feminine, humorous, and whimsical.  Exactly what I want my space to feel like.