Okay… I have an admission: this isn’t technically a “current” obsession… it’s more like a seasonal obsession… Every time the weather gets warm, I become re-addicted to the Farmer’s Market {evidenced by the fact that I wrote an article about it before: here}.  However, as the weather has warmed up {and triggered my appetite for fresh fruits and veggies and the presence of fresh flowers on my coffee table}, I thought it was fitting to feature the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market.  I am so in love with it.  I went this past Saturday with my sister and one of my best friends and we bought a bag of dried apples and munched on them while we walked up and down the rows of gorgeous, colorful, pesticide-free {and affordable!} produce.  I left with dried apples, dried tangerines, sweet peas, and peonies.  All things that are sweet and beautiful.