Headband & Belt, Wet Seal. Shoes, Anne Michelle. Dress, bh wragge. Bag, Melie Bianco.

I was overwhelmingly excited for the royal wedding… Perhaps it was the anticipation of history-making nuptials that caused me to channel my inner royal.  What would one wear to meet the queen? To win over a blue blood? To honor tradition and yet still put one’s own twist on a look? I envisioned something like this.  A statement headband with tiny pearls, embroidery, and lacy appliques instead of the standard British hat.  A vintage frock with dainty diamond buttons that nods politely to the conservative nature of the royals… yet still shows a bit of leg.  A bag with a pop of unexpected color.  And, of course, ruffles and bows {around the waist and on the toes}.  I’d like to think that the Queen would {subtly, of course} express her approval of this look should we ever have the chance {keeping my fingers crossed!} to meet.