To be truly fabulous… you must constantly expand your mind… Intelligence is a critical component to becoming a remarkable woman.  On that note, here are a few words that should be in your personal repertoire {add them to some of the words that should already be in your dictionary… which you can review here}.

soi·rée /swäˈrā/ (noun): an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.
In a Sentence: I just purchased the most incredible cocktail dress… I plan to wear it to Julie’s soirée this weekend.
In Your Life: When you think of a soirée, imagine an invitation-only event that is intimate {in the sense that it is typically held at an individual’s home}.  It is a perfect excuse to throw on a chic Jackie-O style slim cut boatneck dress {in black satin or perhaps a bolder choice… like leopard print} and some of your glitziest vintage baubels.  Live music can be a lovely component of a beautifully hosted soiree {like a violonist, harpist, or jazz trio}, though it is not necessary {however, amplified music of some sort should be present}.  Additionally, this is an ideal environment in which to drink champagne or a martini {both delicious and a classy social accessory}.  If you can’t find a sufficient soirée to attend, I suggest you throw your own.  There is nothing more socially appealing than an adept hostess.

el·e·gant /eligənt/ (adjective): pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.
In a Sentence: When she entered the room, well-dressed and self-assured, there was no denying that she was a beautifully elegant woman.
In Your Life: Elegance is not something that can be learned, it is a way of living.  The way you speak, dress, behave… the interests that you pursue… the way that you move and the way that you treat others… all of these things are components of what it means to embody elegance.  Think of the way that you behave as an external manifestation of who you are, and who you strive to be, internally.  If your manner is not one that is “pleasingly graceful,” you may want to rethink your behavior.  Being thought of as elegant is something that must be earned and it is certainly a worthwhile pursuit.

so·phis·ti·cate /səˈfistəˌkāt/ (noun): a person with much worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture
In a Sentence: The sophisticate worked her way around the art gallery with ease, expertly recognizing the fine nuances within the pieces on display.
In Your Life: The accomplishment of becoming a woman with “much worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture” is a sign that you have lived your life in a full and varied manner.  A well-dressed and well-read woman is a lethal combination.  Knowledge of the arts, music, history, society, and culture make you far more than just a stunning fashionista… it makes you an interesting person… one who is likely a thrilling conversationalist, a dynamic friend, a captivating date, and a sure inclusion on every exclusionary guest list in town.

lit·e·ra·ti /litəˈrätē/ (noun plural): well-educated people who are interested in literature
In a Sentence:  The Shakespeare convention was filled with a myriad of surprisingly attractive literati; had she known that there would be so many potential suitors present, she might have worn a more figure-conscious blouse.
In Your Life: Members of the literati are individuals that you should seek to befriend… and you should also seek to become one {if you are not already a part of the literati at this moment}.  However, avoid associating with any individual who is a part of this group that demonstrates any signs of snobbery or is pompous in nature {well-educated individuals can sometimes fall prone to the unattractive behavior of thinking themselves as more significant than others}.  If you find yourself associated with the gracious and grounded literati that exist, you should count yourself lucky.  Literature and education are beautifully powerful tools that expand your view of the world and your ability to successfully communicate some otherwise difficult thoughts in a succinct and eloquent manner.  There are few things more impressive than a woman who turns heads and turns pages.