M I N D S E T = T R A N S F O R M A T I O N

mindset transformation

Be who you needed when you were younger.

Photo on the left – 2008 (22 years old)
Photo on the right – 2018 (32 years old)

Today I woke up in a grateful, happy, + reflective mood. I made myself a matcha latte and sat on the couch in my new home.

A thought hit me. A simple thought. That thought was: “This is my life.”

It was a thought filled with wonder + disbelief + gratitude + awe. I have been hustling, grinding, + burning the candle at both ends for the majority of my life. I did this to become the woman that the young woman on the left in the photo above needed.

I cannot believe that there is a DECADE between those two photos. The change that has happened between 22 and 32 has been astounding.  As my “insides” changed while I focused on my mindset, my “outside” also changed with it.  Personal growth is more tangible + obvious than most of us realize.

I attribute my personal growth to the following things:

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