little sister birthday
Happy birthday to my first friend. Happy birthday to my first soulmate. Happy birthday to my first love. Happy birthday to you, my little sister. You have a beauty that is immediately recognized by all… and the few who are lucky enough to have personal contact with you immediately recognize your internal beauty. Your heart is pure magic. You are one of the funniest people I know. You have a never ending sense of hope and optimism that is utterly contagious. You are the strongest gentle soul imaginable… it isn’t an oxymoron; there is tremendous strength in your gentle spirit and it continually renders me awestruck. Even though you are younger (and shorter 😉), I look up to you in so many ways… as you enter the next chapter of your life (you’re getting married, Bright Eyes!!!), I know that you’ll do so with a casual grace that only you possess. I can’t wait to stand by your side on that gorgeous day. Thank you, Earth Angel, for blessing us with so much. I love you. I love you. I love you. I hope that 29 is the best year yet. And I hope that each following year is full of more color, laughter, love, and celebration than you can imagine. I’ve loved you for each second of every moment that you’ve walked this earth and I will continue to love you more with each passing day 


image via gemfound.com

image via gemfound.com

On this day of thanks, I am wishing you and yours an abundance of love and overwhelming sentiments of gratitude.

Some of the things I am thankful for, large and small:

  • The health and current state of joy that each member of my family is experiencing.
  • My home.  I get to celebrate Thanksgiving in my childhood home… my parents are still currently living there and they have maintained the place… and our traditions… with a kind of care that has not gone unnoticed.  I am so grateful for my parents’ creation and preservation of all of our holiday traditions.  Thank you for teaching me what a “home” can feel like, Dad & Mom.  You two are the best parents around.
  • My friendships with a few women that I hold close. They are my sisters.  They are my tribe.  They inspire me.  They challenge me.  I respect and admire them.  They are beautiful.
  • Leopard print.  I am very thankful for its existence.
  • Billie Holiday.  Without her, I wouldn’t have scratchy jazz filling my soul.
  • My mother. The older I am, the more I understand her.  Each year, I am filled with ever increasing awe for her feminine, soft, gentle strength.  What a role model.
  • Each of you reading this.  If I had a way to send a thank you note to each and every one of you who support this site with your time, your comments, your messages, and your existence, I would.
  • My man.  He has taught me that there are men beyond my father and brother who hold the kind of goodness that I knew could exist, but had yet to find.  And… he can cook.  Gratitude bonus.
  • Food. Glorious food. Food. Food. Food. And…. food.  Did I mention that I’m thankful for food?
  • Freedom.  In light of current events, this concept has become something sacred to me.  I never want to take all of the freedom I have for granted.  Thank you, America, for allowing me access to art, education, a voice, work, opportunity, and exploration.  I love this country for that.