hangers 1
I am quite fond of my closet… and even fonder of the items that I choose to fill it with.  That brings me to my latest closet must-have: personalized hangers. They add something unexpected and delightfully frivolous to my wardrobe.

I have gorgeous personalized hangers from Black Label Decor that I use to display my very favorite clothing, an outfit for the next day, or just a wild piece that I leave hanging outside the closet as “couture art.”  I want you to have the opportunity to do the very same thing… that’s why we’re giving away two custom wooden hangers!

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cinco de mayo 2
jalapeño goat cheese chèvre | brown eggs | corn tortillas | jalapeño & lime white balsamic vinegar |
onion sprouts | applewood smoked sea salt | kimchi chile | sriracha | kale, arugula, & mixed sprout blend

It is early afternoon on the Fifth of May (one of my very favorite holidays to nonsensically over-celebrate) as I write this… in a few hours, I will have a Farm-to-Bar tequila infused cocktail in my hand.

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