Room Lust – Bathroom

My bathroom is currently undergoing a bit of a makeover… formerly a bright (hideous and nauseating) blue, I painted it a deep high gloss chocolate brown. I hung a dramatic chocolate brown painting of Marilyn Monroe on the wall. I bought a deep brown wicker basket embroidered with “Laundry” in gold thread and a simple brown and gold décor set.  I normally don’t like things that are so “matchy,” but the simplicity of the set works.

The items below would complete my bathroom by adding drama, glamour, femininity and whimsy… essentially the elements that a woman should be able to incorporate into every room.

1. Bustled Shower Curtain $118
I’d use it as a curtain for my french door that leads outside to the pool. So feminine. Love it.
2. Isola Bella Bathmat $38
Cozy and elegant for wet, shower scrubbed toes.
3. Lock & Key Hand Mirror $32
I’m dying. It’s a hand mirror. And a key. I love this kind of stuff.
4. Crystalline Bubbles Perfume Bottle $48
Ideal in the windowsill… old-fashioned and will grab a ton of sunlight.
5. Provence Society Perfume Bottle $38
So sophisticated.
6. Nestled Ring Dish $10
A lady always needs a place to put her baubles when she washes her hands.  Adorable.
7. Diving Bell Trinket Box $38, $78
Great accent pieces.
8. Fairy Tale Jewelry Holder $128
Too cute. Great statement piece for the counter.
9. Kailyn 5 Light Chandelier Lamp $299.99
Every girl deserves a chandelier.  Why not have one in every room in the house?

Here Comes Your Man

Light. Airy. Lovestruck. How Summer Should Feel.

PS Amazing movie… watch 500 Days of Summer if you have not yet done so… Zooey Deschanel plays one fabulously quirky, amazingly stylish, and effortlessly charming girl with a very well decorated boho-chic-vintage-glam apartment

The 13 Types of Men

I frequently hear the sentiment that men and women can’t “just be friends.”  Though I don’t know if this is true, it got me thinking about what men and women
can be… Women have a variety of men in their lives and these are just a few of the categories that come to mind.

1. Platonic Friend – This is the guy to whom you are not attracted.  And never will be.  Ever.  There may be no rhyme nor reason to why you don’t feel an attraction to him, but you just know that he will always be like a brother to you.  To verify that you feel platonically toward him, you should note if you feel a twinge of envy when he has a girlfriend or an interest in someone.  If you’re genuinely happy for him, then feel safe with this relationship.  This is rare.  Hang onto it.

2. Sexual Tension Friend – This is a common relationship for a man and a woman to fall into.  One of my male friends told me that a man won’t be friends “with a chick unless he thinks that he might be able to [sleep with] her” (he shall remain nameless but, as we were friends, I felt a bit uncomfortable… and felt the need to inform him that he should give up all hope of that ever happening).  This can be an incredibly fun, flirtatious, and interesting relationship.  BUT make sure to maintain the “tension” aspect of this friendship.  If the sexual tension becomes a reality fulfilled and no longer a “tension”, you may lose the lighthearted nature of this situation quickly.  Luckily, it’s easy to find a man to take over this spot.  I think it’s in their nature.


3. Bad Boy – The bane of our female existence and the thrill of it.  This guy could not care less about you.  Or at least pretends he could not.  He’s only concerned about himself.  He has a ridiculously sordid past.  Maybe he’s an alcoholic.  Maybe he’s a pothead.  Maybe he rides a motorcycle and is covered in tattoos.  Maybe he has a criminal record.  Maybe he is a cheater.  Maybe he puts you down/bails on you/disappears to ….Tijuana…. for the weekend.  But the relationship is addicting.  Or maybe you’re just addicted to the tumultuous nature of your relationship.  So you tolerate him.  And maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the one he’ll change for.  Get real.  Move on.  He’s a selfish jerk and this whole bad boy thing is working for him right now.  He’ll have another girl on the back of his bike tomorrow.  Get the bad boy thing out of your system and grow up.


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Lemon Twist Cupcakes

I had to whip together some birthday cupcakes in a hurry. Mostly because it was my birthday and… being the type-A hyper-neurotic person that I am… I insisted on handling every detail myself.  I realized there was no time for some from-scratch lemon cupcakes (my favorite), but I needed to pull it together and it needed to be lemon.  Betty Crocker lemon cake mix to the rescue and pre-made vanilla icing.  The last thing left was to cover these quick creations with a festive silver cupcake foil and top them with a fresh lemon twist.

Ode to Betsey

Dress, shoes, and necklace, Betsey Johnson.

On your birthday (and, if you feel the way that I do… everyday) you can do and wear absolutely anything your heart desires.  On my birthday, I felt that a pale blue and cream lace dress went perfectly with bright orange and yellow heels covered in white polka dots (both from Betsey Johnson).

Why Falling In Love is a Stupid Thing to Do*

1. You Lose Your Figure: Sure, in the beginning the butterflies may cause you to lose your appetite and the excessive amounts of sex (if there is such a thing as excessive sex) can substitute for your former cardio routine for awhile. That is the lust stage, a stage for which I am a huge proponent. BUT, if you’re not careful, soon enough you will become a complacent, chubby little love slave… spending nights in with your beloved instead of shaking your former tight little body on the dance floor with your girlfriends. Your white wine spritzer will be replaced with pints of rocky road and the passionate, wild sex you used to have turns into cuddling… Avoid this at all costs. Take up yoga, keep up your daily run, and don’t turn into a creature of consumption… when love consumes you, you consume everything else. Consider your waistline warned.

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

Sometimes I’m in the mood to be sweet… and eat something sweet.  I asked my boyfriend what kind of cupcakes he wanted and… no surprise… he said red velvet.  The chocolatey richness was masculine… but the final touches (polka dot cupcake wrappers and sugar pearl toppers) were my own twist.  Check out the recipe here… To die for.

Elysium of Santa Barbara Turns 25… Okay, or I turn 25… Same Thing

I hand-painted this little block of scrap wood in my signature color (pink!)... crafty isn't just for grandmothers and lonely divorcees with cats... it's for fabulous young women, as well

Enjoy this video from my 25th Birthday Party… The entire event was put on by my event design and coordination company, Elysium of Santa Barbara.  It was a perfect summer day in sunny Santa Barbara, California.  Attendees mingled in an open patio at Cafe Buenos Aires while surrounded by lush foliage and drinking (bottomless!) mimosas and sangria.  Guests ordered their brunch off of a custom designed menu threaded with grosgrain ribbon.  Yellows, blues, pinks, polka dots, stripes, bright roses, and three foot balloons (shipped all the way from New York!) set the care-free and playful tone of the day.

Lust List – July

1. Bi-Color Lace Bikini Neon Pink Lingerie Lace, White Satin Bows $75.90 Chynna Dolls
2. Pink Sugar 3.4oz Eau de Toilette Spray $59 Sephora
3. Aviator Style with Acetate Temples and Removable Vichy-print Bridge Chanel
4. Lips with Fangs Charm Necklace $35 Betsey Johnson
5. Winged Skeleton Goddess Flask $55 Etsy
6. Hot House Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire by Margot Berwin $24 Barnes & Noble
7. DKNY Urban Safari Beach Towel $24.99 Donna Karan Home
8. Christian Dior Pink Quartz Rose Ring Christian Dior
9. Cocktail Made with X-Rated Fusion Liquer X-Rated
10. Lace Lo-Rise Thong $12 Betsey Johnson