Daily shaving can be a chore.  When Harry’s reached out to be with the offer to try one of their new razors, I hesitated.  Is a razor that important? I’ve shaved for almost two decades and was under the assumption that I had experienced everything a razor had to offer.

How wrong I was.

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As we approach 2017, I look back at 2016 with a flood of emotions.

This year has been absolutely life-changing. And it’s been a year filled with “the feels.”


It all came down to a decision to change. Not because I didn’t like who I was… I did (and that’s important. I want everyone to LOVE exactly who they are).

I decided that I wanted a great adventure. A fairy tale. A dream.

I wanted the thing that we’re told as a child that we can have… that we will have… and then, as we enter adolescence and early adulthood and beyond, we’re told by a thousand other voices here and there that we are no longer allowed access to that life. That the dream is impossible. That we’re asking for too much. That we should be comfortable where we are. That it’s ungracious to strive for more.

I call bulls$%t.

2016 was the year I decided to dream again. Believe. Wish.

I only needed one motto to make that change (and it aptly came to me in a fairy tale… Cinderella, in fact): “Have courage and be kind.”

That’s it. Two life rules to make everything change.
1. Courage
2. Kindness

The only thing standing between you and everything you want, deserve, and used to dream about is fear. With courage, bravery, persistence, and unabashed vigor (accompanied with constant kindness)… you can break through the illusion of fear.

Don’t get me wrong… it is not easy. Being brave is hard. Really really hard. There are sleepless nights, doubt, anxiety, and tears that accompany bravery. To grow, one must experience growing pains. In those moments, it is important to keep going.

Before any fairy tale character ever got to the castle, they had to brave the dark forest.

One of my dreams is that 2017 will be a year that we all learn to support one another’s fairy tale. The dark forest isn’t so dark if you aren’t alone. The dream isn’t so far away if the voices telling you it isn’t real don’t exist.

I commit my 2017 to the fairy tale. 2016 showed me that it’s oh-so-real (and worth every single sleepless night). Who needs sleep when reality is better than your dreams?

Wishing each of you an absolutely magical 2017. I hope that every single one of you lives a life that’s a little different (in small or big ways) this year than it was the last. Here’s to the dream. May you courageously earn your place in the sun.


I’ve always had an interest in health and wellness solutions found in nature.  This year, I developed a {healthy} obsession with essential oils.  One of my 2017 Resolutions is to turn to all things holistic first.

2016 was my first year using oils.  The results have motivated me to utilize oils in my daily routines.  I wake up to an oil blend called Burst {citrus + mint} diffusing through my room; it gets my day started on the right foot… full of energy and happiness.  I inhale a combination of lavender + frankincense in moments of overwhelm for an instant sense of calm.  I fall asleep to the scent of Unwind {lavender + bergamot} on my pillow for a deeper and more restful sleep.

I’ve found that my overall mood has improved; I feel more focused, calmer, happier, and more energetic.

If you’re looking to start your year off on a hippie-dippie granola-mermaid kind of a kick {and who wouldn’t want that?} by bathing your body and senses in essential oils… I’m offering my readers {as a thank you for another great year together!} a coupon code for the best oils I’ve found.

Enter the code EXCLUSIVE20 at checkout to receive 20% off any of the oils, diffusers, or essential oil kits on the site.


I rarely use this blog as a platform for social change… but today is one of those days when I feel the need to encourage our generation (Millennials, I’m talking to you!) to give back.  Let’s NOT be known as the self-absorbed, entitled, and selfish generation… let’s be known as the generation that didn’t just insist on change, but actually facilitated that change.

I’m ready to walk the walk.  I urge you to join me.

Let’s be a part of the solution.

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Blonder Ambitions and Malia B. (a perfume oil line run by one seriously inspiring babe) are partnering to bring you a perfume giveaway.

What is a perfume oil?  It’s a blend of pure essential oils and exotic perfume essences that are alcohol free (they are also paraben, phthalate, sulphate, and cruelty-free).  Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a nut for essential oils (I purchase mine here)… so to be able to utilize the power of oils in a perfume is something that I stand behind.

The three scents in the Malia B. line are all ultra-feminine, uplifting, and unique.

Luv Perfume Oil has notes of white flowers, gardenias and vanilla.  Soul Perfume Oil has papaya, pineapple, and creamy coconut notes.  Malia Perfume Oil has jasmine and florals with a fresh top green note.

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