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So excited about The Happiness Retreat! Less than a month away!!!

It is sure to be an INCREDIBLE weekend with the most astounding women.  I am thrilled to be attending the retreat… and ecstatic that I get to speak on the final day of the retreat on Authenticity, Being Your Brand, + Happiness.

kimpton 1a

I cannot wait to:
• chill at the Kimpton Goodland + relax by the pool (cocktail in hand)
• attend unique workshops
• enjoy farm to table meals under the stars (all of the food is included… and it’s being created by a rockstar chef)
• elevate my health
• learn to meal plan like a ninja
• improve my home environment
• learn to meditate (for real this time)
• create lasting connections and set goals that get me re-energized in my beautiful life.

Purchase Tickets Here: The Happiness Retreat

happiness itinerary

Purchase Tickets Here: The Happiness Retreat

happiness lineup

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soiree 4

A truly magical day in Hope Ranch, a private community in Santa Barbara, California.  Fortunate to be surrounded the the gorgeous energy of the women of The Gild.

All of the photography featured in this post is done by the astounding Anne Salas.

soiree 1

Have you ever experienced a day in your life that felt like a real-life fairy tale? I hope so.  This was the kind of day that I had on January 28, 2017.

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5 million page views
5. Million. Page views…. 5 million.

I cannot wrap my head around it.

A little over 5 years ago I set out to create a place on the Internet that was full of happy.

At this point, that happiness has been multiplied by 5 million. Wow. Yippee. Zowee.

Thank YOU… for helping this little corner of happy in the universe become a much bigger corner of happy.

Love to each and every one of you.  xoxo, Kiki


broad city 1

I. Love. This. Show.

Broad City Season 3 on DVD is now available.

“In Season 3, Broad City shines…” – Time Magazine

“Season 3 of Broad City Is Abbi and Ilana’s Best Yet.” – Slate

“Broad City isn’t just the funniest comedy on TV — it’s a way of life.” – Rolling Stone

“It’s hard not to get sucked into the wickedly ridiculous world of Broad City.” – Entertainment Weekly

 Want to win a copy of Broad City: Season 3 on DVD + a $150 Visa Gift Card to purchase snacks to binge watch with your baddest BFFs?*
*This post is in partnership with Comedy Central

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Daily shaving can be a chore.  When Harry’s reached out to be with the offer to try one of their new razors, I hesitated.  Is a razor that important? I’ve shaved for almost two decades and was under the assumption that I had experienced everything a razor had to offer.

How wrong I was.

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