sandy welch 1
P.S. I LOVE YOU… madly!” Painting, 24H x 24W x 2in $1600

I am in love with the artwork of Sandy Welch. Dramatic. Feminine. Pink. Dark. Honest. Abstract. Emotional.

In the artist’s words herself: “”Painting is vital to my life. I paint from a youthful,fresh feminine and passionate perspective. Summer is my mirror, and fashion is my muse. My palette is FILLED with the delicious colors of summer. The many faces and inner beauty of women fascinate me. My most recent work is a turn toward abstraction. This new direction uses my same vibrant palette, energetic mark makings and gestural flourishes of delight. Painting is my pulse, my canvasses POP with provocative color and a flirtatious style. I’m excited by the beauty that surrounds me. This is how I choose to create my life and art”

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