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I have not been the kind of person who is prone to missing people.

I’ve been a trust-in-the-bigger-plan type of person + I accept that people have wonderfully complicated paths + purposes that cause them to come + go and jump around this beautiful planet of ours.

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I am so grateful for the days when my path collided or intersected with the path of a friend, old or new.

My boyfriend + I both wander our own unique paths. We have alternative careers (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!). We have both found incredible support in one another + we wholeheartedly encourage one another’s dreams.

But… guess what?

Today I miss him. Confession: I also missed him yesterday.

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At first the realization was surprising… even a bit startling.

And then I realized that, above all, the realization was beautiful. Loving him has created a new piece of me… a piece that hadn’t totally come alive yet. The piece that misses people.

Like water breaking through a dam I began to miss all kinds of people… those from the distant past + those living right around the bend. My being flooded with nostalgia + fragments of happy sadness. It felt like an open rebellion against my trust in the universe… and than I realized that it was a nod at my human-ness. It was a recognition of a lovely kind of fragility. The fragility that accompanies love.

I let myself fall deep into love… + I am grateful for the way it is shaping me.

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I hope your day is full of love, mental lists of people who mean something to you, + gratitude for the earth angels in your life.

Sending love to all of my “friends” here on Blonder Ambitions. Whether we talk daily, weekly, if it’s been years, or if we’ve never communicated at all… I am sending love your way.

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