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morning ritual
This girl loves a good ritual.  BA readers have reached out about the morning ritual I oftentimes feature on my Instagram Stories and I have decided to share it in its entirety.  This week on BA, I will cover a different element of my morning routine in detail each day.

My 2018 resolution is self-care.  And lots of it.  I developed this 30 minute morning ritual a few months ago and I have been adhering to it almost religiously.  The difference it has made has been astounding:

• Happiness has gone through the roof
• A sense of purpose + gratitude guide my day
• I feel loved + cared for
• Anxiety levels have dramatically decreased
• Decision making has become simple
• Clarity + love fill the majority of my interactions
• Communication in my relationships have improved
• I am manifesting a more joyful existence
• It makes my mornings feel magical

What steps are crucial to my morning routine?

Step 1 : S K I N C A R E

Step 2 : M E D I T A T I O N. G R A T I T U D E. V I S U A L I Z A T I O N. A F F I R M A T I O N S. S C H E D U L I N G.

Step 3 : M O R N I N G  B E V E R A G E + S U P P L E M E N T S

Step 4: P I N T E R E S T

Today, I’ll cover skincare…

Step 1 : S K I N C A R E.

Now that I’m in my thirties, I completely understand the importance of taking care of my skin (if you’re younger than I am and reading this… get started now! You’ll thank me later. If you’re older than I am and reading this… it’s never too late! I’ve seen massive improvements in my skin in only 3 months of consistent care).

before + after kiki 2

Left – 25 w/ basic skincare routine. Right – 32 w/ proper skincare routine.

To keep my skin youthful, glowing, + smooth (it makes for a flawless canvas for makeup application) I use my “skincare trinity.”  I finally took the plunge and seriously invested in my skincare… and people have noticed (it feels so good to hear someone comment on “how nice it must be to be in your twenties” when they’re talking to me!).  Here are the three steps in my 13 minute skincare routine.

beauty tool First, I use this rad device.

It is a two minute facial massage tool that:
• cleans your skin (it removes 100% of makeup)
• tightens + tones
• diminishes fine lines + wrinkles
• increases radiance
• increases youthful volume
• it’s also waterproof … + fool-proof.

Buh-bye, Clarisonic.  Hello, beauty tool of 2018. #obsessed


no botox graphic Then I move on to 10 of my favorite morning minutes: when I get to use this space age sh*t on my face.

It stimulates the micro muscles in my face.

Does it hurt? Nope. Is it difficult? Nope. Does it work? Yesssss.  It lifts my brows, disintegrates my forehead wrinkles, contours my cheekbones, + sharpens my jaw line.

Kim K might have a slew of surgeons to tighten, tone, + lift… I get to do the same in the comfort of my home.  Bam. #nobotox #nofillers #nowrinkles

skincare robot This automated device (I lovingly refer to it as my Luxury Lazy Girl Skincare Robot) trips me out.

I loosely comprehend the science behind it, but I firmly comprehend the results.

Pores disappear.  Skin feels hydrated + radiant.  Everything looks smoother, tighter, + younger.  And it’s totally customized to me.

This device looks up your zip code to assess your environment + you fill out a 20 question questionnaire on their app and they deliver preservative free, fully customized skincare (three serums + two moisturizers) to your doorstep monthly.

It’s also anti-bacterial + anti-microbial (for any fellow germaphobes out there) and all of the active ingredients that you’re paying for remain active (spoiler: if you’re using anything that ever hits oxygen… creams in jars, etc… those active ingredients stop working and you’re left with nothing more than a creamy cesspool of bacteria #somuchyuck).

Bottom line: it works.  It takes 60 seconds.  I love it.


13 of 30 morning minutes complete.  Check back tomorrow for Step 2 of my Morning Ritual… by the end of the week you’ll have all of the necessary steps for a zenned out morning of gratitude, self-love, + productivity.






    • Kiki E. says

      Thank you! These are my FAVORITE products. I swear by them. They have made an unbelievable difference!