S T O R Y B I K E S x B L O N D E R A M B I T I O N S

As an entrepreneur, I really light up when I encounter like minded souls.  The souls running Story Bikes + Parker Clay fit the bill.

I’ll be focusing on Story Bikes in today’s post… but a post on Parker Clay will follow shortly (are you drooling over the leather goods in these photos? If so… just wait for that Parker Clay post!).


Story Bikes is founded on one cool concept: you can look good while you do good (for yourself, the planet, and others).

How does it work? When you purchase one of Story Bikes‘ electric bicycles… okay, wait, if you’re anything like me you cringed when you heard the words “electric” + “bicycle” put side by side… quick clarification: this is not your grandmother’s electric bicycle.  The motor is hidden in the sleek framework… and the bicycle is one of the best looking on the market.


The first thing that attracted me to the bicycle was its appearance.  This is the kind of bike I would ride to an early morning coffee meeting, to a lunch date with my boyfriend, to farmer’s market to pick up my weekly produce, + to happy hour cocktails with the girls.  And I wouldn’t just find a place to park this bike.  I would intentionally find a place in the FRONT of wherever I was going so that people could see this bike.  It’s that impressive.  I never thought that I would view a mode of transportation, especially an electric bicycle, as a fashion accessory… until now.

storybikes graphic 2

Other totally this-is-not-just-an-electric-bike-it-is-a-bike-from-the-future features:
• LCD Display – onboard computer keeps track of speed, distance traveled, + pedal assist level.
• Shimano Groupset – fast, reliable, + responsive shifting.
• Hydraulic Disk Brakes – stop quickly + safely.
• ThickSlick Tires – trusted amongst veteran cyclists.
• Aluminum Frame – stable, trustworthy, + lightweight.
• USB Charger – for those smartphone addicts out there (I’m guilty!)
• Charges in 3 hours, goes 45 miles on a single charge, + rides smoothly at 20mph.

storybikes graphic 1

Back to the concept: How does it work? You purchase one of Story Bikes stellar electric bicycles, you help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint (the bike makes is virtually effortless to travel from one side of town to the other… it’s intelligent motor assists you to whatever degree you need), AND Story Bikes donates a bicycle to an individual in need.

storybikes graphic 3

Story Bikes has partnered with World Bicycle Relief.  What does this mean? (Spoiler: it’s RAD). For every Story Bike that is purchased, they give a bicycle to a person in Africa, South America or Southeast Asia.


storybikes graphic 4

Want one? They haven’t officially “hit the market” yet… but Blonder Ambitions readers can get early access (AND a discount!).  You can visit the site here.  The 10% discount will be automatically applied… you can enter the code “Kiki” at checkout to guarantee the discount.

If you happen to be in the Santa Barbara area this weekend, Story Bikes is doing a bike expo in front of the Cabrillo Bath House from 10am-noon on Saturday, December 2.  On December 3, they are donating a bike to the unity shop and will be at the Unity Shop Toy Run at the Carriage Museum from noon-3pm.


All of the photos in this article were taken by the oh-so-talented (and ridiculously wonderful) Carly Mask in Santa Barbara, California.  Take a second to check out her site… and her killer Instagram profile!

If you want some of the delicious Parker Clay items pictured in this post (full post to follow!) you can also get those for 15% off! Head over to parkerclay.com and use the code “KIKI15”



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