soiree 4

A truly magical day in Hope Ranch, a private community in Santa Barbara, California.  Fortunate to be surrounded the the gorgeous energy of the women of The Gild.

All of the photography featured in this post is done by the astounding Anne Salas.

soiree 1

Have you ever experienced a day in your life that felt like a real-life fairy tale? I hope so.  This was the kind of day that I had on January 28, 2017.

Mimosas. Donuts. Laughter. Sisterhood. I spent the day feeling carefree in the sunshine with my tribe.

soiree 2

Curious about what we do? You can get the gist of it at our new website (it launched today!): The Gild.

Our Mission Statement: To empower women of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds through a network of “sisters” who share a common goal: to achieve sustainable happiness, to throw kindness around like confetti, to enhance our community and our surrounding, and to access permanent freedom through entrepreneurial efforts and the utilization of social media for financial gain.

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The Gild is comprised of women who believe in supporting and empowering other women.

The Gild is a “Good Girl Gang” of goddesses, mermaids, gypsies, and wanderesses. Some of us are professionals, some are mothers, some are introverts, some are social butterflies, some have master’s degrees, some are bloggers… and we all have the intention of changing this world for the better.

We pride ourselves on our inclusion and kindness. #youcansitwithus

We utilize social media to spread a message of strength, unity, happiness, and love, while also harnessing its power to create a channel for easily accessible and non-invasive social commerce.

We believe that you CAN have it all: health, happiness, sisterhood, beauty (inside and out), freedom, laughter, and an abundance of love.

The more the merrier. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re interested in joining or opening a branch of The Gild in your area.

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