happiness retreat 1
I am so honored to be a guest speaker at The Happiness Retreat.  Speaking to a room full of rad women post-yoga and post- farm to table breakfast consumption is my idea of bliss and fulfillment

What is The Happiness Retreat?

It’s a weekend retreat at the kitschy cool Kimpton Goodland in beautiful Santa Barbara. I am going to attend unique workshops, relax by the pool and enjoy farm to table meals under the stars. Come and join me!

This is your chance to connect with and discover what truly makes you happy. Elevate your health, quiet your negative internal chatter, learn to meal plan like a ninja,  improve platonic and romantic relationships, improve your home environment, reduce your stress level, learn to meditate (for real this time), honor your body, create lasting connections and set goals that get you re-energized in your beautiful life. You deserve this!

Purchase tickets here: Happiness Retreat Tickets (30% off thru January 31)

happiness retreat 2

happiness retreat 3

All of this growth is going to take place in the most stunning of locales… I frequently stop in to happy hour at this hotel for their stellar cocktails and insanely on point ambiance.

happiness retreat 4

I am so looking forward to this weekend.  Only 32 more days until I get to completely immerse myself in joy.  I hope you joy-n me. I couldn’t help myself. But… seriously.  Come.