food 5
Carlito’s | papaya salsa | guacamole | grilled chicken | scallions | housemade corn tortillas

The latest happenings of Kiki E. on Instagram. Food edition. Follow Kiki on IG under the handle @blonderambitions.

My love of food is no great secret; especially if you follow me on Instagram (@blonderambitions).  I seem to post more #foodporn, #foodie, #feast photos than any other kind.  I thought I’d put some of the latest and greatest food adventures into one post.  Enjoy.

food 3
Holdren’s | spinach salad | beets | goat cheese | grilled salmon | raspberry vinaigrette

food 6
Marmalade Cafe | salmon nicoise salad | haricot vert | capers | mixed greens | kalamata olives

food 2
The Good Life | charcuterie platter | pickles | dried fruit | assorted nuts | pinot grigio

food 1
The Brewhouse | grilled salmon | mixed greens | capers | goat cheese | french fries | assorted sauces