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White teeth.  It’s part of my beauty routine. I’ve posted makeup tutorials… I’ve posted hair tutorials.  I thought, “Why not post a tooth tutorial?”  Every woman has her beauty secrets… here is one of mine.

I’ve tried a variety of whitening products in the past: pastes, strips, gels, and even a whitening floss.  The results were never what I had hoped for and tooth sensitivity was a constant problem.

I considered getting my teeth professionally whitened by a dentist, but the costs seemed astronomical.

When Smile Brilliant contacted me to try their product, I was simultaneously excited and skeptical.  I agreed to try the product with the condition in place that I would review it honestly and only recommend it to my readers if I truly believed in the product.

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Bottom line: I love it.  You get custom, professionally created trays that perfectly fit your teeth.  The whitening gel is powerful and effective and I am thrilled with how it has removed stains (from my constant coffee consumption) and brightened my smile.  Additionally, there is a gel included that you apply post-whitening that basically removes all sensitivity.

If you’re looking for a custom whitening solution at a fraction of the price you would be charged at the dentist’s office, Smile Brilliant is it.  Curious? Check out the video below.  Also, if you want to read other user’s reviews, check this out: Smile Brilliant Reviews.

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