tierney salome hopper
Salome Hopper, Night on Disco Mountain‘ by Michael Tierney; Painting 31.5H x 31.5W x .8in $2250

Moody, broody, light, bright, and filled with humor… welcome to the oxymoronic world of all things Tierney.

One of my favorite things to do when I feel like I need a jolt of inspiration… or when I feel especially inspired… is to troll the endless online gallery that is Saatchi Art.  During one of my searches, I tumbled down the rabbit hole that is Michael Tierney.  Part pop art, a little bit like a video game, infused with something psychedelic, and a lot like a child with the raddest imagination learned  how to use a paintbrush is the best way I can describe the world of all things Tierney.

I believe that I’m most impressed with his versatility.  Each piece of art is unique in both medium and composition… the feelings evoked by Tierney’s artwork can range from bright and whimsical to dark and brooding.  I admire the fact that Tierney refuses to be boxed into one type of expression… his moods come across clearly in his work.

tierney make me feel
You Make Me Feel (Might Real)‘ by Michael Tierney; Painting 27.6H x 19.7W x .1in $500

tierney mass
Mass: Shrine‘ by Michael Tierney; Photography 30 H x 20 W x .4 in $650

tierney voulez vous
Voulez Vous‘ by Michael Tierney; Painting 27.6 H x 19.7 W x 0 in $500

tierney manimal
Manimal‘ by Michael Tierney; Printmaking 20.5 H x 14 W x .1 in

tierney atomic
Atomic 2‘ by Michael Tierney; Collage 40 H x 30 W x 3 in $3500

tierney campfire
Campfire Tales‘ by Michael Tierney; Painting 39.2 H x 39.2 W x 1.4 in $2250