conrad jones new tattoo
New Tattoo‘ by Conrad Jones; Collage 23.6H x 23.6W x 2in

Playful. Bold. Expressive. Welcome to the world of Conrad Jones.

While perusing artistic inspiration on Pinterest {one of the most justifiably mindless & mind-motivating things that I do in my free time}, I happily encountered the artwork of Conrad Jones.  The images utilize pop culture references via newspaper clippings, the subject of the portrait, and random images and words that are juxtaposed across the piece.  I love the dynamic and current nature of the work; so much color and creativity are present.  What are your thoughts on it?

girl with attitude conrad jones
Girl with Attitude‘ by Conrad Jones; Painting 38.2H x 35.4W in

conrad jones made in britain
Made in Britain‘ by Conrad Jones; Collage on Canvas & Paper 23.6H x 23.6 W x 2in

conrad jones affliction
Affliction‘ by Conrad Jones; Paint on Ceramic 47.2H x 39.4W in

punk shock conrad jones
Punk-Shock‘ by Conrad Jones; Collage 31.5H x 23.6W x 2 in