sundance beach 1
Insight Heaven’s Empire Tee
$26 | aztec patterned skirt | pointed toe flats

Sundance Beach is like having your own personal stylist who has perfected the laid-back, fashion-forward California look.

Being a Santa Barbara, California local has its perks… and one of those perks is access to beach-inspired, laid-back, west coast fashion.  Due to my exposure to so much California-lifestyle inspired clothing, I consider myself somewhat of an expert… being very protective of what I add to my closet (my clothes have standards!), I have a very discerning eye when it comes to new clothing additions… One of my favorite retailers for beach-y brands is Sundance Beach.  They carry all of the brands that you’ll immediately recognize (Billabong, Brixton, LSpace, Quicksilver, & RVCA to name a few) and their buyer has an amazing eye for what items are on-point for that season; shopping Sundance Beach is like having a personal California-minded stylist at your side.  I own quite a few pieces from Sundance Beach and I wanted to share how I’ve styled them… Just because an item is beach-lifestyle-inspired doesn’t mean that it can’t be incorporated into some unique fashion looks.

To shop Sundance Beach, you can check out their website: You can also follow them on Instagram @sundancebeach for an account that’s full of incredible fashion and a vibe that embodies the best elements of the California lifestyle.

sundance beach 2
Insight Bandana Cotton Shirt
$37 | knit beanie | glasses | leopard print pants

sundance beach 3
Volcom Not So Classic Lace Long Sleeve
$26 | suspenders | wide brim hat | textured orange pants

sundance 4
Volcom The Max Sweater
$36 | hot pink belt | glossy leopard cigarette pants

sundance beach 5
Insight Petro Muscle Tee
 $20 | tribal skirt | wide brim hat | ankle-bound flats

sundance beach 6
Vans Hunters Point Long Sleeve Top in Denim
$26 | leopard print shorts | equestrian boots

sundance beach final
O’Neill Dottie Top
$25 | high-waisted acid-washed jeans | black pumps | red & gold belt