Here’s a little #tbt (Throw Back Thursday) from my time in the hospital last week… (This should explain my lack of recent blog posts!)…

I had an incredibly close call during my hospital stay and, in an instant, I had a moment of clarity that I felt compelled to share. People constantly talk about the purpose of life. I am one of these people. You know what I think? I think that we all overcomplicate things and that our purpose here is simple; our purpose is to be kind. Through it all. Bad days, good days, laughter, tears… be kind. Make the days of those around you beautiful and full… this is the most honest kind of love. You cannot exhaust yourself from being “too kind”… there is no such thing. Kindness is the greatest strength we each have because sometimes it is the hardest thing to be.

Can you imagine how incredible the world would be if we all made kindness our priority? I know it’s mine. I am committed to it. I hope you are, too.

*I am back up and at it again… so please don’t concern yourself with my health! For proof that I’ve bounced back quickly from my stint in the hospital you can look at the picture below of my sister and me attempting to golf yesterday! 😉