It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for adorable packaging; I’ve been known to buy items just because of their gorgeous wrappers.  I was out and about at the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market {one of my favorite weekly activities} and I noticed that one of the stalls was just a bit more inviting than the others.  Maybe it was the red and white string tied around the tops of the mason jars filled with vibrant orange marmalade.  Maybe it was the exciting combinations scrawled on chalkboards that called me over {Irish Whiskey Orange Marmalade? Orange + Vanilla Marmalade? Spicy Orange Marmalade? Yes, yes, and yes, please.}  Maybe it was the name of the business {Red Hen Cannery? Pretty much the cutest name for a jam company ever}.  Maybe it was the precious red hen sticker or the fact that each jar was wrapped in a piece of literature {words and jam? As far as I’m concerned, that’s a marketing home run}.  Whatever it was, I found myself drawn to the stall and began sampling and buying the marmalade without hesitation.  I am so glad that I did.  Each and every morning since, I have eaten a rice cake smothered in almond butter and one of the Red Hen’s marmalades {her real name is Maureen Foley and she’s just as sweet and creative as her jams}.

Maureen Foley is a local artist, writer, and teacher who lives on an avocado ranch and makes jam {how charming is that?}.  She started Red Hen Cannery, “an artisanal, small-batch jam company based in Carpinteria, California, that uses family recipes and Foley Farm fruits and herbs to produce both stunningly simple and astoundingly innovative fruit preserves.” {www.redhencannery.com}.  Currently, the jams are only available at select Santa Barbara County Farmers Markets, but she’s expanding to offer the jams online and also offers the jams as wedding favors.  The current marmalade flavors available are:

  • Meyer Lemon + Rose Petal Marmalade
  • Spicy Orange Marmalade {my personal favorite!}
  • Orange + Irish Whiskey Marmalade
  • Orange Vanilla Marmalade
  • Valencia Orange Marmalade

Stop by her booth at Farmer’s Market and let her know that Kiki sent you.  I recommend her products without hesitation {I would give each and every one of you a jar if I had the means to do so!}.