I heard about a smart-phone application called Night Out.  I checked out their website and they claimed that they “give you up-to-the-minute information based on location, including deals, happy hours, events & more” and that they “give you an assortment of unique deals from your favorite places right around you.”  I decided to put the application to the test and thought I would use it to plan a girls’ afternoon/night out…

Earlier in the afternoon, I had looked through the Night Out application on my iPhone to find some fun activities {and good deals!} for my girlfriends and me.  All I did was click the Night Out app, selected the “Deals” tab and… bam!… 55% off of two tastings and a free bottle of wine for only $25 {at one of my favorite tasting rooms, Kalyra}.  Purchased! Off to a good start…

We had such an incredible time wine tasting, that we decided to keep the night going.  I used the Night Out Happy Hour tab.  It shows you all of the Happy Hours in your vicinity {I think everyone is aware of my overwhelming love of all Happy Hours}… we picked one within walking distance and definitely made the right choice.  Enterprise Fish Co. has an incredible Happy Hour {and their calamari was to die for}.

After wine, calamari, shrimp quesadillas, and way too much laughter… the girls and I decided to finish off the night with… even more food.  I clicked the “Deals” tab once more and was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite restaurants, Milk & Honey, was offering a free dessert deal.  Sold.

Final Thoughts: I highly recommend downloading this application.  It’s location specific {they’re adding new cities constantly}, keeps you in the loop as to local deals, happy hours, and events, AND it saves you money {without making it look like you’re trying to save money… you just look tech savvy}.  Download the application asap.  Here’s a link to sign up for free: