As young women in today’s world, we’re expected to be good at pretty much everything {not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of pressure… it will make you a far better woman in the end}.  However, in trying to be the best at anything and everything, we oftentimes forget to be the best at taking care of ourselves.  This is why something that may seem unnecessary {like pampering yourself} is actually a necessity.  It is utterly imperative that you take the time to spoil yourself deliciously rotten.  And, this time, I am actually taking my own advice.  As I write this, it is a Saturday afternoon… I am wearing a silk robe and the sounds of Billie Holiday are echoing about the room; I have one of my favorite overpriced candles lit, fresh pink flowers on my desk, and I am eating chocolate truffles.  Seriously.  This is after an early morning outdoor read of a sensational book on my Nook, then a long shower followed by a hot pink pedicure and spoiling myself with some tres luxe body lotion while watching the Sex & the City movie {for the 42nd time}.  I am getting a bit of work done {though it hardly feels like work in this environment} and then I plan on buying myself something frivolous and drinking wine with my very best girlfriends.  You are fabulous and you deserve it… what other reason do you need? So, go ahead, spoil yourself.

1. Billie Holiday Lady Day Album $35
2. Vie Luxe Istanbul Three-Wick Candle $80
3. Peonies & Sweet Peas from the Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market
4. Sex & The City: The Complete Collection $250
5. Viva La Juicy Body Cream $44
6. The Nook $160
7. OPI Pink-ing of You $4 & OPI Touring America $8.50
8. Kenwood Sauvignon Blanc $10 & Keep Calm and Drink Wine $16
9. La Perla Satin Robe
10. Pink Amethyst and White Diamond Cocktail Ring $300
11. Vita Dolce Chocolate Truffles $36