I am an organization nut… however, I like everything that is used in the organization process to be just as fabulous as the things that they are being used to organized {vintage dresses, one-of-a-kind shoes, piles of my favorite photos, an endless collection of makeup, etc.}.  Take a cue from the things below {I just purchased 1 and 4 for my office… yes, I want a closet in my office space… it’s inspiring!} and keep all of your wonderful belongings neatly and perfectly preserved… in style.

1. Chrome 10-Tier Rolling Shoe Rack $79
2. Kasset Box $6
3. No Tomorrow Planner Pad $24
4. Commercial Garment Rack $69
5. White Washed Wood Bins $15-$25
6. Skubb Clothes Covers in Lilac $10
7. Plenty Good in Tickled Pink $25
8. Wood & Tin Rustic Magazine Holder $50
9. Acrylic Makeup Organizer $35