My obsession with leopard print is neverending.  When someone asks me my favorite color, I teasingly {well… seriously… it just hasn’t been approved as an official color yet} reply, “Leopard print.”  It’s easy to pull of this look during the evening hours after the sun has sunk below the horizon and the boldness of the print is offset by the dim nighttime glow.  However, I feel that leopard print should be able to be worn all the time… to tone down the impact of leopard, keep your silhouette simple and figure flattering {the pencil skirt achieves this}, but not too sexy {the conservative nature of the oxford shirt balances the look}.  I test drove this look out to happy hour with one of my best friends the other night… We had a glass of wine while the sun was still high in the sky and a second cocktail after sunset… the leopard print held its own the whole time.

1. Boy. by Band of Outsiders $215
2. Striped Dress Shirt $245
3. Boy. by Band of Outsiders $215
4. Diamonds in the Rough Rings $12,500
5. Glitz Chronograph Watch by Marc Jacobs $250
6. Julie Wolfe Emily Cuff $650
7.  Blumarine Leopard Print Wool Jersey Pencil Skirt $818
8. Alexander McQueen Skull Suede Platform Pump $1,195
9. Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Napa Pump $795
10. Miu Miu Velvet-Bow Victorian Pump $750