{some photos courtesy of The Standard Hotel Hollywood}

I was in Los Angeles this past weekend with my closest friends and my man for a bikini fitness competition {article elaborating on this to come soon!}.  We decided to stay over at The Standard {Hollywood}… and it turned out to be an utterly fabulous decision.  The hotel is located on Sunset Boulevard and close to anything and everything you might want while in LA… However, we had such a wonderful time here that we didn’t even leave the hotel {we actually ended up “going out” to their club, The Purple Lounge}.  This hotel is simultaneously chic and retro kitsch.  There is something entertaining, quirky, or fantastic around each and every corner.  For your next trip to Los Angeles, you should consider a stay at this stellar spot.

The Lobby: upon entering the hotel, one is immediately made aware of the attention paid to detail and the nod to the kitsch of the 60’s.  Stark white walls and a crisp front desk are offset with beanbags, cacti, bubble chairs, and a woman in a glass case {when we arrived she appeared to be doing homework on her laptop and listening to music}.  The tone is set for the rest of your time at The Standard Hotel {Hollywood}.

The Rooms & The Pool: don’t be expecting the glam style that is apropos for the Hollywood Regency era… instead expect a throwback to a decade past.  The large flower print curtains, bright orange bathrooms, and mirrored walls are all a part of the fun {you’re in LA after all… go with it}.  The late night room service {which you will likely be craving after a night of partying in Hollywood} was prompt and coated with the kind of guilty deliciousness that one would expect from a late-night munchie menu.  The pool {which was lounge-like and cool in the evening… and packed during the afternoon on Sunday} has playfully bright inner tubes constantly floating in it {good luck getting one… they are coveted by the LA Scene-sters looking to make a splash}.  Enjoy the people watching… celeb-wannabees {and perhaps a few actual celebrities} lounge waiting to be noticed in fedoras and aviator shades.  It’s worth getting a tan {real or faux} before attending the Sunday pool session… as bronzed bodies are the norm.

The Purple Lounge: this spot was small… but every inch was done perfectly.  The purple and pink lighting created an intimate, yet surprisingly club-like atmosphere.  There was plenty of space to sit {which is a luxury in Los Angeles} and the music was the perfect volume {loud enough to get things going… but not to the point that one had to shout to be heard when speaking to another}.  The drinks were delicious and priced fairly {by LA standards} and the bartenders were prompt and genuinely friendly.  The outdoor patio was tiny, but well appointed and offered a glimpse onto busy, loud, and wonderful Sunset Boulevard.