Salon Patine is one of my best kept secrets {clearly, not anymore}.  I won’t trust my hair {highlights, haircuts, trims, blow drying, and styling} to anyone/anywhere else.  The hairdressers at the salon are professional, fun, and make sure that your hair is exactly the way you want it to be done.  And, unlike other salons where the owners aren’t stylists, you can find the owners Rob {a hair cutting guru… I can thank him for my recent long layers} and Sarah {I wouldn’t let another person in the world highlight my hair} behind a chair cutting, coloring, or interacting with clients.  It is the culture of Salon Patine {in addition to the high quality of work} that sets this salon apart.  I actually look forward to the hours that I will spend in the chair at this salon… I am always greeted warmly, offered a hot cup of amazing coffee {I always say “Yes.  I’ll take my coffee black, please”… immediately upon walking in… I blame my affinity for early morning appointments}, and then caught up {willingly and with much anticipation} in the swirl of the salon.  It is hard to describe the experience to one who hasn’t been here… because this place is one-of-a-kind.  Imagine a room full of engaging personalities, artists, and friends… that is just the beginning of Salon Patine.  The paint colors on the wall change frequently, as do their featured artists.  This salon is a community that is worth being a part of… it’s a huge bonus that your hair will look utterly fabulous when you walk out their doors.

Local Tip: Salon Patine oftentimes throws events at their salon after hours or on weekends.  Don’t miss out, as these events are definitely worth attending.  Check out their website {here} for upcoming events.