These pictures are taken of items that will be put on my very girly and oh-so-perfect cocktail cart {still a DIY project lovingly in progress}.  The items have been collected over time and, though you can find comprehensive lists of what a bar should be stocked with all over the place… this is what a fabulous, glamorous, chic hostess should always have in her bar {not what some scotch swilling middle-aged man would be stocking}.

1. Buy/acquire/collect the essentials. You will definitely need an ice bucket, a cocktail shaker {or two}, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, something with which to stir, coasters for impromptu parties, a strainer, and glassware.  I also think that it is glamorous to have an ornate champagne bucket on hand for spur-of-the-moment celebrations.

2. Get the liquor necessities… and it’s only a necessity if you, my love, like it. Or… if one of your best friends {who is a frequent cocktail guest at your home} loves it.  If you hate, utterly hate gin, don’t buy it {I only own some because it was a gift… from a gin drinker}.  Can’t stand whiskey? You don’t need it {though a whiskey sour is a delicious thing… give it a whirl}.  If you want to make sure there is something for every palette, always have vodka {you can mix it with virtually anything}, wine {a bottle of white and red}, and beer {the more obscure, the cooler you look}.  To really be a star, especially if you love summer parties {who doesn’t?}, have some tequila options on hand.  Tequila is perfect for festive margaritas and {arguably more festive} tequila shots.  To go above and beyond and be an entertainer’s dream… have a bottle of champagne. Always.  There is always a reason/person/moment to celebrate.  And nothing says “celebration” like champagne.

3. Make sure you have mixers & ice {bonus Hostess-of-the-Year Points for garnishes}. You can use what you have on hand {any kind of juice, soda, etc.} or get a few of the following: cranberry juice, soda water, tonic, coke/diet coke, 7up, and something tropical {like pineapple juic}.  If you want to make life easy, have a few pre-made mixes {for things like margaritas} on hand.  A few varied citrus options {lemon, lime, orange} are all you need in the garnish department {and they add a fabulous splash of color}.  If you want to go above and beyond, have some coarse salt and sugar on hand with which to rim your glasses.

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  • Caitlin

    Love it Kirsten! Vie been foraging craigslist for almost a year trying to find the PERfECT bar cart and am still searching! But now I know exactly what to stock it with!

    Xo C

    • kiki e.

      Bar carts are SO CUTE… I’m making my own right now… the DIY should be up in a month or so :) Then you can make your own bar cart! xoxo

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