I don’t know what it is about the month of June that makes me want to throw on a kitschy little throwback number, some impractical {and oh-so-necessary} high heels, bust out some killer recipes, make a Tom Collins {a DIY on a retro cocktail cart will be coming soon!}, and throw a little summertime soiree.  The idea of being the perfect hostess is entirely attainable… now, Cupcake, you just need to dress the part.

1. Taste-Test Recipe Book $28
2. Proenza Schouler PS1 Large Leather $1995
3. Housewarming Roses Dress $75
4. Cornflower Yellow Table Lamp $100
5. Trouve ‘Clairmont’ Wedge Sandal $110
6. Betsey Johnson Val Peep Toe Wedge $90
7. Federica Rettore Antique Cut Citrine Ring $9100
8. Pinwheel Push Pins $15