My bookcase has been a constant saga of reorganization and frustration {see here and here for the journey}… it was cute, but it wasn’t quite right.  So I decided to take a day and revamp the shelving decor.  Read on and you can learn how to take some ordinary shelving and make it something all your own.

So, my bookcase was ooooookay {yawn}… but it wasn’t there yet.  I had already saved this bookcase from being sent to the dump {it used to be a horrible brown spotty wood color… I painted it glossy white and papered the back with a pink and white damask print}.  If it was worth saving, then it should be worth filling properly.  As I do with every design project for my company {if you’re curious about what I do, click here}, I start with an Inspiration Board {which is basically a collection of images that inspire me and helps collect my thoughts and direct my ultimate design vision}.

*images courtesy of elements of style, the zhush, all things chic, and favim

After looking at my Inspiration Board for design direction on my bookcase project, I started laying out all of my necessary decor items… namely books, framed photos, and miscellaneous knick-knacks/pretty things/sentimental items.

The final step in the process is arranging all of the items so that they are aesthetically pleasing.  This involves a bit of trial and error and a lot of walking back and forth {so you can see what your arrangement looks like from different areas in the room}.  My final product {I am in love with it} looks like this…


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