If your life is anything like mine… fabulous opportunities arise at the most unexpected times.  Though you would love to always be prepared, sometimes you will be caught off-guard {aka in your pajamas with no makeup on}.  Don’t let this stop you from taking part in the fabulous outing… if you have five minutes {trust me, any worthy individual extending the invite will wait for you, gorgeous} you can be ready to go.  Throw your hair up and remember, you only need a clean base {concealer, foundation, pressed powder}, a bit of shimmer {get a good multi-purpose color pot}, tinted loose powder {to set the look and give you a glow}, a bit of bronzer, a pop of color, and curled lashes {with a good coat of volumizing mascara}.  Read on for a how-to on your steps to achieve the 5-Minute Face.

1. Bare faced… and have to be out the door in 5 minutes? 2. Put that concealer under your eyes . 3. Concealer? Check. Now pat it gently into your skin. 4. Liquid foundation. 5. Dot it on and rub it in. 6. Our base is done. 7. Pressed powder… Press it on for flawless coverage. 8. A two in one product to highlight eyes… 9. And cheeks. 10. Rub in some tinted loose powder with a kabuki brush. 11. Bronzer everywhere the sun hits… cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. 12. Take the bronzer and use it with a contour brush to define cheekbones.  13. Hot. Pink. Blush. You need a pop of color. 14. Put that color on the apples of your cheeks. 15. Your eyelash curler (aka your best friend). 16. Volumizing mascara. 17. Bam. Less than 5 minutes. 18. Time to go out xo

For the video version of the 5-Minute Face Tutorial, watch here

If you’re ready to move on, lovebug… Let’s get on with some more advanced makeup techniques.  Let’s say you know you have somewhere fabulous to go {a hot date, a charity event, girls night…} and you have at least 20 minutes to get ready… advanced makeup techniques only add 15 minutes {max} onto your basic 5-Minute Face.  With the addition of eyeliner {pencil and liquid}, darker eyeshadow, fake lashes, an eyebrow pencil, and a nude lipstick, you’re ready to knock anyone’s socks off… and {though you are already perfect just the way you are} you’ll look like a total glamazon.

1. You’ve already done your 5-Minute Face… now line the outer third of your lower lash line and inner rim with a black waterproof eyeliner pencil. 2. Voila! Instant drama. 3. Take a flat brush and rub it in light shimmery eyeshadow. 4. Pat the shadow on your lid and sweep it up to your browbone. 5. A wash of light shimmer. 6. Take an eyeshadow brush meant for your crease and sweep it in a chocolate brown shadow. 7. Sweep the shadow into your crease. 8. Back to the flat eyeshadow brush and the chocolate brown shadow.  9. Cover the outer half of your lid with the brown shadow. 10. Use a sponge tip applicator and sweep it in black shadow. 11. Put the black shadow on the outer third of your upper and lower lid. 12. Liquid liner… line your whole eye if you want a dramatic look. 13. Fill in those brows to look polished. 14. See? Polished. 15. One more coat of that volumizing mascara. 16. Fake eyelashes! Practice makes perfect. 17. The perfect nude lipstick. M.A.C.s “Hue.” 18. Smear that lipstick on. 19. The face… bring the drama. 20. The finished lids. 21. Advanced makeup… mastered.

For the video version of the Advanced Makeup Tutorial, watch here


  1. Amy says

    What would you recommend for covering blemishes with this routine? And when during the routine should this be applied?

    • Kiki E says

      Hi Amy! Concealer should be applied on blemishes during step 2 and 3 of the 5 minute face… I like to use a creamy stick concealer {any drugstore brand will do the trick}… apply lightly and pat into the blemish with your finger… If you need more coverage, apply the concealer AFTER you apply your liquid foundation base and then lightly dust concealed blemishes with translucent powder {to keep the concealer in place}. I hope that helps!! xoxo