Shirt, Wet Seal. Belt, Gossip. Necklace and Shoes, F21. Jeans, Red Engine.

I do not believe {wholeheartedly} in the phrase “mellow yellow.”  Yellow can be mellow… and muted.  However, yellow can also be a statement piece… and vibrant… and shocking… like electric lemonade.   I am a huge proponent of the power of shock value… and, as I was exhausted from a week full of work and play, I felt that my electric yellow top would distract from the sleepy look on my face.  Yellow is an instant mood brightener that projects confidence, positivity, and the feeling of a free-spirit {we all know that you are all of those things, darlin’}… however, when you don’t feel that you are projecting your brightest self, throw on this hue… and no one {shh… promise!} will notice.