Dress and Belt, Custom made {vintage}. Shoes, F21.

Another full day of design work and a going away party for a dear friend demanded an outfit that would seamlessly transition from business to happy hour.  Cue the jewel toned sheath dress.  Jewel tones are for women what a red power tie is for a man.  It is fashionable, makes a statement, and helps you appear confident/powerful (which… my love… you are!).  Gold embroidery (the dress was custom made in Thailand) negates the need for accessory overload.  A simple belt is sufficient.  And… if you haven’t picked up my rule on color mixing by this point… it’s simple: anything goes! Especially an emerald sheath and sapphire jewel toned shoes.





  1. Vanessa says

    I LOVE THIS POST!!! (Is it because I was mentioned? Maybe.) I absolutely LOVE the dress. xo