Today is the beginning of something big.  For me at least.  I am beginning a whole new lifestyle… one that is healthy, high-energy, and fitness focused… meaning more protein and fewer cupcakes… saying good-bye to my mimosa Sundays and hello to Sunday morning hikes… and buying a whole bunch of new {adorable!} workout gear!  The new lifestyle kick (for the next three months… I’ll give you a weekly workout update!) is thanks to a phenomenal Santa Barbara based personal trainer, Stacey Cooper (check out her website here)… My motivation is furthered (even more) by some of the cute gear below!

1. Victoria’s Secret Printed Tank $15
2. Wear Everywhere Zip Hoodie $47
3. Lululemon Groove Pant $98
4. Puma Complete Ventis 2 Running Shoe $100
5. Puma First Round Grip Duffel Bag $79.95
6. Nike Pro Combat Reversible Women’s Sports Bra $34
7. Apple iPod Shuffle $45
8. Yogarat Mat in Leopard $25
9. Cool Gear Waterville 32 oz water bottle $10


  1. Allyson Coulter says

    your timing couldn’t be any more perfect! I made this switch a few months ago and I have lost the motivation to keep going. Your upbeat blogs will keep me motivated for sure!

  2. kiki e. says

    I’m so glad! And… summer is on it’s way! I’m going to give a workout update every Monday… stay tuned, love! xo