Ever since I was a little girl… I have loved swing sets.  I had already spent part of my day at the zoo… so I figured my childish antics might as well continue.  I drove over to my kindergarten playground to spend a bit of time reminiscing.  As I stepped into the tiny sandbox, I found that I remembered it vividly… it was as if nothing had changed.  I ran over and jumped on the swings.  I swung as high as I could.  At the peak, I realized how high I was… or how high it seemed… and I got familiar scared/happy butterflies in my stomach.  It was the exact same exhilarating feeling I had experienced at this exact same spot 20 years earlier.  As my “childhood” themed week came to an end, I was hit with the happy realization: I was still that same five-year-old girl. Just taller.

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