Wearing childlike clothes {number 1} after playing on the beach {number 2} enjoying my Slurpee and McD's cheeseburger {number 3}... Glamorous? No. Fabulous? Yes.

Remember when your biggest concern was what cartoon to watch or whether you should save the marshmallows in your Lucky Charms for the last bite?  Life can still be like that. To undertake the challenge of living like a kid, you must do it on a weekend (whatever your weekend may be… my “weekend” is typically on a Wednesday, as my events business keeps me busy on the weekend) because you are NOT allowed to do anything that is work related or on a to-do list. I set about attempting to live an entire day in the most childlike way possible.  As I write this, I am smiling from ear to ear and thoroughly exhausted.  It’s a wonderful feeling.  Follow these simple guidelines and let the good times roll.

1. Wear something comfortable, bright, and easy to play in. As a kid, if something was itchy, scratchy, or tight… you probably wouldn’t wear it.  So, why would you wear it now? Bright colors are what kids gravitate toward for a reason… bright colors make you happy.  I’m sure there’s a scientific study out there somewhere that backs me up on this.  Also, your clothes shouldn’t limit you from being able to play (see number 2).  To take my own advice, I donned a bright turquoise bikini (it was bright and sunny out… I had to be prepared!), wore a loose and flowing hot pink sundress, and a pair of flip-flops.  I didn’t match… my look was all over the place… and I had on barely any makeup.  It felt like freedom.

2. Get outside and play. Kids crave activity and the outdoors.  Playing outdoors is the most natural thing in the world to children. Due to the comfortable clothing I was wearing and the summer-like Santa Barbara weather, my sister and I decided to head to the beach.  We laughed, talked, ran around in the sand, and spent the day pondering what we were going to do when we grew up.  After a couple hours in the sun, we were smiling and hungry.  It was snack time.

3. Eat what tastes good. Kids are picky (or at least pretend to be picky) so they end up with a diet that consists of sugar, macaroni and cheese, chicken fingers, and pasta.  Clearly, it would be unhealthy to subsist on this kind of a diet.  However, an occasional sugar induced food coma is not the worst thing in the world. After my sister and I were were exhausted and sunbeaten from our day playing on the beach, I craved a Slurpee.  And a cheeseburger.  Normally, I would tell myself to have either just one or the other.  That is what the adult me would do.  I reminded myself that this was all about the child in me.  So, I got both.  de.light.ful. {Note: I ended up in an unproductive sugar and carb induced stupor approximately 30 minutes after I finished eating… which resulted in a nap… read on}

4. If you are tired, take a nap. Kids nap frequently.  They have the ability to fall asleep at 2pm on a couch in front of cartoons just because they are a bit weary.  Adults do the opposite.  They attempt to maintain a productive workday and power through their sleepy afternoon slump until they end up hitting their evening exhaustion.  After my Slurpee binge, I lay my head down to rest.  Normally, I would spend this time attempting to work (while being only 15% productive due to my tired inability to focus).  Instead, I napped.  I woke up 30 minutes later refreshed and ready to play some more.

5. Play dress up. Children love to pretend and love to dress up.  I used to love putting on my mother’s make-up and having her paint my nails.  One of the benefits of actually being an adult is having a car and money so that playing dress-up is a bit more fun than it used to be.  My sister and I decided (on a very childlike whim) to go get manicures.  Instead of my normal neutral (ahem, professional) manicure… I decided to go with bubblegum pink.  My sister said I looked like a Barbie doll.  Pretty sure the child inside of me squealed with delight.

6. Watch a movie as a family. Family movie night is something that children love.  Snuggling on the couch.  Popcorn and candy.  Getting to stay up a bit past their normal bedtime.  I remember adoring family movie night.  So, on our way back from getting a manicure, I picked up my phone and asked my parents if they wanted to have a family movie night.  They were all about it.  We watched the movie together, all laughing in the same room.  By 9pm, I felt tired, cozy, happy, and safe.  I felt little again.  Fabulous.

At the end of my childlike day, I am sleepy, a bit sunburned, craving even more sugar, sporting bright pink nails, and I. am. happy.  I suggest you go live your day as a kid.  You won’t regret it.