In a word (or two… okay, three): ultimate comfort food. There is nothing I love more than comfort food.  My daddy is a Texan… so it’s in my blood that the ultimate comfort food is chili and cornbread.  I whipped up the whole meal in literally 10 minutes (leave it to simmer for at least an hour and a half, though… chili is all about the simmer).  I used a ridiculously simple recipe (find it here).  Then I used some basic cornbread mix and threw some diced jalapenos and cheddar cheese into the batter.  I cooked up the cornbread muffins in my Babycakes maker (my obsession is highlighted here).  The honey whipped butter is literally as easy as it sounds (whip honey into some butter, sweetheart. See? Easy.)… There is nothing glamourous about chili (as you can see with my oh-so-simple and totally-not-glamourous pics)… but there is something so ridiculously satisfying about it.  And, of course, the ultimate Meal for Your Man (or, come on, just for your wonderful self!) testament is the review from… well, a man.  My man tester’s words {after a long “Mmmmmm”}: “This is my second favorite chili ever.  My mom’s is the best, of course” (smart answer)… For such a simple recipe, I was thrilled with the compliment. Oh, and he ate (at least) five muffins. I consider it a success.  So, get simmerin’… you. will. love. this.


  1. Vanessa says

    I’d like to know in what world are you not the best girlfriend ever?! Also, I’m hungry now.

  2. Jamie RAGE says

    You in your sparkly pink apron next to your little muffin maker might be the most precious update to a 1950’s home-cooking ad EVER. <3 the biscuits, btw. I am trying the chilli recipe this weekend!

  3. David Colera says

    Try adding Green Chiles frozen (you can get Bueno from Albertson’s) I also use bacon but I take it one step more and use bacon grease for the pan.