How To: Design a Tablescape

My friends are always asking for tips and tricks on how to organize a fun and festive table.  First, pick your color scheme.  It can be anything.  Don’t limit yourself to what you think should go together… Go with what you like.  For this table, I picked blue, pink, and bright yellow.  I also wanted the overall feel to be chic, yet whimsical.  To achieve a lighthearted feel, mix patterns.  I mixed florals, stripes, and polka dots.  Remember, the only rules are the rules you make for yourself.

♥ Add fun and inexpensive touches to your table that go with your color scheme.  To highlight my love of bright yellow, I used lemons, candy sticks, and store bought lemon tea cakes put on a silver platter to appear homemade (cut corners and save time!) ♥

♥ Flowers are a great way to add pops of color (and fragrance) to your table.  Hot pink roses sandwiched between lemons inside mason jars were a perfect accent piece ♥

♥ I designed all of the menus myself.  Menus and place cards are a perfect way to bring all of your colors together in one place, helping the table to appear cohesive.  Don’t be afraid to mix different fonts and different size fonts.   If you don’t have the knack for graphic design, check out pre-designed menus and invitations online ♥

♥ Make sure there is plenty of stemware on your table.  You want your guests to feel welcome… and the more they drink, the more fabulous your decor will look! ♥